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Each bunch of grapes is hand-picked, a sign of our commitment to high quality and our respect for the fruit of the earth. Since 2019, we have proudly earned the ICEA organic certification, recognition of our work and dedication.

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Colli bolognesi





La Piòpa

Made in eighty-year-old vineyards in the heart of Bellussi, La Piòpa is a pure Lambrusco di Sorbara. Its label comes from the name by which we people from Modena call the Ghirlandina because, like the tower for the city, this is the symbol of the Fiorini family.

A Giuseppe “Vigneto Santa Maria”

The Lambrusco di Sorbara refermented in the bottle that carries on the legacy of our beloved father. Made in our “Santa Maria” vineyard in Soliera, this wine represents the authenticity and passion of our family.

Vecchie Viti

A prestigious Cru in Villanova in Modena, with unique soils that give this Lambrusco di Sorbara a rare mix of acidity and intense aromas. The vines span over 1.64 hectares, ensuring a carefully tended production.

Siepi campestri

This Lambrusco is made in the historic vineyard of Soliera. The grapes are hand-picked and macerated at low temperatures. The must, kept at a temperature of 0° until frothed and bottled, guarantees the freshness and integrity of our wine.

Tre Croci

A Grasparossa Lambrusco produced from 1970s vines in Garofano in Savignano sul Panaro. Thanks to its distinctive tannin and the unique composition of the soil, it offers an unrepeatable oenological experience.

Organic Passanello

A prestigious Lambrusco Grasparossa produced from vines between Vignola and Castelvetro. With distinctive tannin and aromatic roundness, it embodies the authenticity of the hills of Modena, offering an elegant and complex oenological experience.


A prestigious Lambrusco Grasparossa made in the homonymous vineyard between Vignola and Castelvetro. With unique tannin and aromatic roundness, this wine embodies the authenticity of the hills of Modena.

Guado sul Guerro

Made in the same vineyard as the renowned Passanello, this wine stands out for a higher amount of residual sugar, which makes it smoother than its vineyard companion.

Colli bolognesi

Prà Martino

Prà Martino is made in 2.8 hectares of fertile land, located in one of the areas especially suitable for cultivating Pignoletto Colli Bolognesi. Though the vines are young, they have shown a surprising ability to enhance the unique qualities of this Sparkling Pignoletto DOCG.

Prà Martino Millesimato

Prà Martino stands out as a wine jewel with its 2.8 hectares of fertile land, located in one of the areas especially suitable for cultivating Pignoletto Colli Bolognesi in the picturesque town of Montebudello.

Nebbie all’Alpe

Discover the authenticity of our Pignoletto refermented in the bottle and made from the 2020 grape harvest in the “La Villa” vineyard. The grapes, grown in unique white clay and silt soils, produce a distinctive wine. With Nebbie all’Alpe, we experiment with new vines located at more than 600 meters, blending tradition and innovation.

Bosco della Verdeta

A fine Cabernet Sauvignon made in our Montebudello vineyard, which offers freshness and fruity taste thanks to its red clay soils.
The grapes, picked in mid-September, convey the authentic terroir, reflecting our commitment to oenological excellence.

Croce dell’Olmadella

A unique Barbera made in a single vineyard in Montebudello. With 70’s vines and a wood refining of over 12 months, it offers distinctive complexity and character. Croce dell’Olmadella embodies the wine-making mastery of Tenuta Fiorini 1919, promising an unforgettable experience.


Marmano 850

Our new spumante project combines twenty years of experience in the classic method production. Produced on our “Marmano” small farm in the mountains of Modena, it presents unique freshness and complexity thanks to the high altitude.