Marmano 850

Classic Method

Marmano 850 is the new exciting project born out of our twenty-year experience in the classic method production. Marmano 850 is produced on our “Marmano” small farm designed for creating first-rate spumantes and located in the mountains of Modena at an altitude ranging from 700 to 850 meters above sea level. This high altitude gives our spumante unique freshness and complexity.

Discover the flavor of oenological excellence and immerse yourself in the tasting experience of Marmano 850. Buy it now and indulge yourself with a spumante that embodies the passion and mastery of Tenuta Fiorini 1919.

Production area

Trentino di Fanano

Vine variety

90% Chardonnay, 10% Pignoletto fermented in barrique




South / West


850 mt above sea level


0.4 hectares

Annual production

4,500 bottles


Perfect with rich dishes and flavors of Italian cuisine