The wine heritage of the Fiorini Family

Welcome to Tenuta Le Origini 1919, a jewel of the oenology of Modena, born from the Fiorini family’s passion and dedication. Our winery, a symbol of tradition and innovation, stands in the fertile countryside of Modena and the Bolognese Hills, testifying to our history and love for wine.

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A family history in Modena

Our adventure began in 1919 in the hills bordering Modena on the north, between the districts of Panzano in Campogalliano and Ganaceto in Modena, where the love for the land and Lambrusco has been handed down from one generation to the other. Giuseppe Fiorini, who grew up in his father Ugo’s vineyards, has always had an innate passion for Lambrusco, the symbol of our estate. Giuseppe was able to transmit his dedication to wine to his children Cristina and Alberto who, in turn, passed it on to the fifth generation of the Fiorini family, Luca and Matteo.

In the new millennium, we broadened our horizons by investing in new lands in the Bolognese Hills, where we cultivate Lambrusco Grasparossa and Grechetto Gentile, enhancing the concept of Cru, namely the uniqueness of each plot of land that transfers its character to wine. 

Products that tell the passion of the Fiorini family

We offer a range of unique labels, such as our Lambrusco di Sorbara made in centuries-old vineyards and our Grasparossa with its distinctive flavor. Our wines, including the award-winning “A Giuseppe”, are a real expression of our land and our commitment to organic and biodynamic cultivation. Tenuta Le Origini 1919, located in the heart of Modena, has extended its influence far beyond local borders, reaching wine lovers all over the world, also thanks to the new e-commerce in the shop. The company stands out for its ability to serve different markets while maintaining strong company values. The history of our Tenuta is closely linked to that of our family; a history made up of ups and downs like many others, which saw us start again in 2023 with a new project, the result of years of research to enhance old vines in what has always been our area of origin.

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The philosophy of the Fiorini family

At Tenuta Le Origini 1919, today passionately run by two generations of the Fiorini family, our dedication to organic and biodynamic farming represents a fundamental commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. According to tradition, we hand-pick grapes and have adopted ICEA-certified organic cultivation methods since 2019, showing relentless effort for responsible and high-quality oenological excellence.

Organic Farming

Reflecting the Fiorini family’s historic traditional vision of viticulture in harmony with nature, our organic philosophy promotes a healthy and biodiverse wine-growing environment. Avoiding chemicals and pesticides, we guide Tenuta Le Origini 1919 towards the production of high-quality organic wines that mirror our respect for the environment and soil health.

Biodynamic Farming

With biodynamics, we have embarked on a journey to further strengthen the ecological balance of our Tenuta. This kind of farming, which considers the vineyard a complete ecosystem, is a fundamental pillar of our approach, based on natural preparations and careful observation of lunar and cosmic rhythms, essential to producing wines that authentically convey the terroir of Modena.

Hand Picking

Hand picking is a traditional practice used by the Fiorini family for years, which guarantees an accurate selection of grapes and helps maintain a tangible link between man and land. This aspect of the biodynamic philosophy is essential to producing wines that represent the true essence of Modena.

ICEA Certification

The ICEA organic certification obtained by Tenuta Le Origini 1919 is a recognition of our commitment to sustainable agricultural practices. This certification symbolizes the Fiorini family’s everlasting dedication to producing organic and biodynamic wines, respectful of the environment and informed consumers.

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