Bosco della Verdeta

Cabernet Sauvignon Colli Bolognesi PDO

Bosco della Verdeta is a fine wine made in our Montebudello vineyard, with the same terroir as the renowned Prà Martino. Here, soils rich in red clay give the wine freshness, fruity notes and medium longevity, creating an unforgettable sensory experience.

The grapes are picked in mid-September, when they reach full ripeness, guaranteeing an authentic expression of the terroir. Bosco della Verdeta embodies the essence of the hills of Modena, with a distinctive character that reflects our commitment to oenological excellence.

Discover the harmony between tradition and innovation with Bosco della Verdeta and let the magic of the wines produced in the Bolognese Hills conquer you. Buy it now and delight your senses with a wine encapsulating the history and passion of Tenuta Fiorini 1919.

Production area


Vine variety

100% Cabernet Sauvignon




South / West


250 mt above sea level


2.8 hectares

Annual production

8,000 bottles


Perfect with red meats, blue and seasoned cheeses