Prà Martino Millesimato

Pignoletto Colli Bolognesi Spumante DOCG

Prà Martino stands out as a wine jewel with its 2.8 hectares of fertile land, located in one of the areas especially suitable for cultivating Pignoletto Colli Bolognesi in the picturesque town of Montebudello.

Our family, settled in these lands since 2012, has been able to capture and enhance the oenological excellence of the Bolognese Hills. Our vines, planted at the end of the 90s, though relatively recent, are situated in a unique context that has always allowed Pignoletto to thrive. Not only is this vineyard a place of production, but also a living proof of how Pignoletto can reach an extraordinary quality, thanks to a land that exalts its intrinsic features.

Production area


Vine variety

100% Grechetto Gentile


Clay / silt


South / East


200 mt above sea level


3 hectares

Annual production

25,000 bottles


Perfect with appetizers, vegetable soups and fish